Download Ramadan Kareem Greeting Card & Calendar Design 2022.

Flyers are commonly used for promotions and other promotional invitations. Their performance can be varied, depending on the specifics of the events. Until recently, only one side was used for printing, now double-sided options are popular.
The standard flyer layout assumes A5, A6, or 1/3 A4 size on paper with a minimum weight of 90 g/m2. Basic information should be printed in large print on a contrasting background so the purpose is clear at a glance.
The design should be as light as possible and evoke positive emotions, this is achieved through harmonious color combinations, the choice of suitable fonts, and decor elements. It is also important that the design is thematic according to the format and idea of what is happening.
This is Ramadan Kareem’s greeting card & calendar design in PSD format. This design is located on our Telegram channel. The download button will link to the file.

Ramazon oyi tabrik qog’ozi va taqvimi – 2022 dizayni. Toshkent shahri uchun. Boshqa viloyatliklar saharlik va iftorlik vaqtlarini o’zgartirib olinglar.
Arxiv ichida fotoshopni tushunmaydiganlar uchun .JPG (Rasm) ko’rinishda xam old va orqa qismi yaratib qoyildi. Rangli printerda, A4 varaqda rasmlarni chop etib olasizlar.
Bizning telegram kanalimizda ko’plab dizaynlar mavjud. Kanalimizga a’zo bo’lib qo’ying.

Extra information

  • Print size: 4.25 X 6.25 inch, (A4)
  • Dimension: [300 DPI, CMYK]
  • Files: 2 [Front & Backside]
  • File Size: [43 MB]
  • File Type: [.PSD]
  • Application: [Adobe Photoshop]
  • Extra: Easy to edit with smart objects. Print-ready. Unlimited color. You can easily change texts, content, objects, and color palette. This file is very well organized. Every layer is editable. Just do your necessary changes. It’s easy.

Design preview

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