Ski business cards are a proven way to expand your customer base!

Did you know that the first mention of such an exciting activity as skiing in snow-capped mountains dates back to 1046-1066? It was at this time that Harald Harada, the king of the Vikings, invented such entertainment for his entourage and the aristocratic elite. Today this sport and active recreation are available to everyone.

If you decide to start a business in this area or already occupy a certain niche in the market, we recommend these business cards. With their help, you are guaranteed to acquire new customers, future partners will learn about you.

Of course, this design is not designed just for that. You can use this template in any other field of activity.

Extra information

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  • Dimension: [300 DPI, CMYK]
  • Files: 8 [color options: Red, Orange, Green, Blue]
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  • Application: [Adobe Photoshop]
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