Elegant business card for journalists, correspondents, or reporters.

For representatives of the fourth estate, we have selected business cards with a stylish design that does not distract attention from the seriousness of the profession. However, journalism does not mean a lack of creativity and allows you to deviate from the standards in terms of business card design.
Journalists are also different. In addition to the different specifics of work, everyone has their own style, their own handwriting. Someone can definitely afford a lot of humor, while someone has earned a very “serious” reputation and is forced to correspond to it in everything. This should be taken into account when creating business cards for journalists.
In any case, the journalist’s business card should be stylish, on high-quality paper and, of course, there should be no mistakes in its text. Some may think that this recommendation is superfluous, but believe me, business card layouts often contain both typos and real mistakes made out of ignorance. Banal statements like “Measure seven times, cut one” will never lose their relevance.

Of course, this design is not made just for that. You can use this template in any other field of activity.

Extra information

  • Print size: [3.5 x 2 Inches]
  • Dimension: [300 DPI, CMYK]
  • Files: 2 [Front & Back]
  • File Size: [9.94 MB]
  • File Type: [.PSD]
  • Application: [Adobe Photoshop]
  • Extra: Easy to edit with smart objects. Print-ready. Unlimited color. You can easily change texts, content, objects, and color palette. This file is very well organized. Every layer is editable. Just do your necessary changes. It’s easy.

Design preview

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