A designer’s business card is the first step in a successful career!

A designer’s business card is the first step to a successful career!
Have you decided to start a design business? Don’t wait until the demand for your services is in demand, and let the first step be to familiarize yourself with the samples of the designer’s business cards. The business card for the designer is made according to international standards in various versions.
Why is this card worthy of your attention?

  1. The designer’s business card has a compact size, optimal for placement in a purse.
  2. A graphic designer’s business card should not only inform, but also serve as a kind of portfolio.
  3. Business cards on high-quality paper are best (for example, a designer’s business card will look better on thick double-sided cardboard with a glossy surface).

Of course, this design is not made just for that. You can use this template in any other field of activity.

Extra information

  • Print size: [3.5 x 2 Inches]
  • Dimension: [300 DPI, CMYK]
  • Files: 2 [color options: Blue]
  • File Size: [1.5 MB]
  • File Type: [.PSD]
  • Application: [Adobe Photoshop]
  • Extra: Easy to edit with smart objects. Print-ready. Unlimited color. You can easily change texts, content, objects, and color palette. This file is very well organized. Every layer is editable. Just do your necessary changes. It’s easy.

Design preview

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